30 January 2015

Why you should "keep clear of the yellow line"

A PSA from the 1970s.

Via A London Salmagundi.


  1. stand still and not walk? and what about going up the down escalator? that takes all the fun out of riding an escalator.


  2. The UK in the 70s and early 80s was rife with those awful, terrifying videos. They were a regular injection of horror into our childhoods: this one; the awful one where a mother foolishly polishes beneath a rug, slips on it and DIES; the child climbing a pylon to retrieve a frisbee who catches fire and DIES; the children at the pond who DIE; the terrifying tour around a burnt-down house, full of the ghostly voices of people who have DIED. Etc. etc.

    On a more lighthearted note, we also had Charley and his cartoon cat, who saved him from a paedophile (this wasn't spelt out; at the time I thought the man wanted to poison Charley, since these were generally about DEATH).

    There are ten to watch here: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/public-information-films/26484/10-public-information-films-from-the-70s-and-80s

    I still find them incredibly upsetting to watch; they put me right back in the body of a terrified five-year-old. I'm glad we don't do this to kids any more.

    1. Thank you, LIz, for the link.

      btw, for "scary", try this one -



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