12 January 2015

The world's oldest ice hockey stick

It's known as the Moffatt stick:
Moffatt, nicknamed "Dilly" and born in 1829, is believed to have been the original owner of what the Canadian Museum of History says is the world's oldest known hockey stick.

The son of Loyalist shipbuilders who settled on the shores of Pottle Lake, Dilly would have been less than 10 years old when the stick was fashioned from a single tree branch. He took ownership of the short-handled stick by carving his initials into its long blade.

Now the stick sits in a protective case, awaiting its unveiling when the Canadian Museum of Civilization is officially reopened as the Museum of History on Canada Day in 2017.
Presley was fascinated by the stick when he found it in a barber shop in 2008 in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. His fascination was such that he paid $1,000 for it... **

Through its donor-supported National Collection Fund, the museum recently purchased the Moffat stick from Presley for $300,000...

"It is the earliest known hockey stick, or hurley stick, that we have yet to identify," she said.
The Moffatt stick has its own website (whence the photo), where you can see the documentation, including study of the paint/varnish and the dendrochronology.

See also:  Hockey player high-sticks himself (gif).

** the guy who sold it for $1,000 isn't happy about the recent resale of it.
Ferneough is feeling ripped off.  "I think I should get a little cut," he said Thursday.


  1. Is a hockey stick also called a hurl or hurley in Canada? In Ireland we use what we call a hurl or hurley also, but used in the game of Hurling. Picture of hurl and ball: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d4/Hurling_Ball_and_Hurley.JPG

  2. Ha, silly Canadians. Buying a used hockey stick for 300 grand. Crazy.

  3. So Red Green is 200 years old?



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