19 January 2015

Christian mother sees pentagram on school bus lights

I mean... I can't even... comment...

Via Cynical-C, which has been resurrected to resume a 12-year-long tradition of cutting-edge posts.  Welcome back, Chris.

Addendum:  A hat tip to reader Soubriquet, for reminding us that the Congressional Medals of Honor are pentagrams (photo cropped for size from the original here).

Addendum #2:  An anonymous reader has reminded us of the official logo of the Republican party:


  1. Look like stars to me....

  2. I wonder if she's noticed that the 50 pentagrams on the US flag?

  3. Congressional Medal Of Honor is a pentacle.
    And the Star of Texas!

  4. Really? I see LEDs. What a sad existence they lead.

  5. the inner five bulbs are a star. the outer five bulbs fit in the spaces between the inner five.

    usually, there is a center bulb and then six bulbs around that one. then you put twelve around that ring of six, etc.

    whoever made those lights is skimping on bulbs as way to save some materials dollars.


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  7. I read about this here, via a link that I can't find now.

    The pentagram as a symbol dates back to Pythagoras, and its significance was that being able to draw an accurate pentagon proved you were an insider in the world of geometry, making the pentagram an effective password for Pythagoras's secret society, the Brotherhood. People later attributed magical powers to the pentagram because the mystique associated with the Brotherhood made this a natural assumption.

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  9. Who really believes that anyone designed a pentagram into a school bus taillight? Even if they did, who thinks it would actually do anything? How many kids can even see the brake lights, when they are lit? Are there crowds of devil worshipers following school buses around?

  10. Or maybe something is more nefarious going on...


  11. Replies
    1. bobbie, linkrot is inevitable on the internet. I can only modestly suggest that you visit this blog (and others) at shorter intervals to capture the evanescent items. Alternatively, all you have to do is plug the words from the title into Google or YouTube to find the same (or similar) content that has been reposted elsewhere.


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