08 January 2015

New Year's greetings from TYWKIWDBI readers

"May all your dreams take flight in the New Year. " - Arlene

"I wish the TYWKIWDBI readers all the best for 2015" - Bert Singels

"Wishing everyone an intriguing, blessed, creative, active, curious, introspective, challenging, life-filled, love-filled, and amazing 2015." - David Crews

"I'm a baseball card collector so my blog is mostly about baseball cards.
My first post in 2008 is my favorite card." - Capewood

"Thank you to TYWKIWDBI for the great content,
and all the best to everyone for 2015!" - Leslie Hannah

"Peace unto to all in the new year!" - Jan/CascadeExposures

"Live long and prosper, everyone!"- Miss Cellania

"Do enjoy low tide walks at sunrise
and many more fantastic experiences in 2015!" - Anne in Alaska

"On behalf of RobsWebstek I wish all the readers (and the writer) of TYWKIWDBI
a creative and fruitful 2015!" - Rob From Amersfoort

"Happy New Year to TYWKIWDBI and to all of your readers!
This is Petunia, my miniature schnauzer ... she's a live wire and great fun." - Ephemeral

"Happy 2015 to MinnesotaStan and all TYWKIWDBI readers,
wherever you are!" - Bad Newspaper

"May the feeling of youth and curiosity be with us throughout 2015!!" - erin

"All the best for 2015 from The Blob,
where we don't aspire to be QI, merely I" - Bob the Scientist

"Happy New Year! May you have a delightful 2015
with lots of fun and music." - Average Jane

"Wishing a safe and happy 2015 to all." - nolandda

"Happy New Year!"  -Meredith

"I wish for everybody that 2015 may be a year full of wonder and curiosity!" - Ellen S.

"I admire the diversity of your posts and that you keep on trucking'. Best wishes." - Chris

"Wishing a happy and healthy New Year to TYWKIWDBI readers!" - Morganna

"May your year be productive and your hard work realized." --Jess

Listed in the order received, more or less.  My personal thanks to all who sent in a comment and a photo (especially the photos of yourselves - I'm always curious about the people who read this blog).

Reposted from Jan 8, 2015 to serve as an example/template for the collective greeting card for 2017.   Comments are now locked for this post, which I will redate to 2015 after the 2017 one is created.

Instructions on how to participate for the 2017 greeting are in this post (or just scroll up...)


  1. I feel kindred to you as you reveal yourself on this blog, Stan. I admire the diversity of your posts and that you keep on trucking'. Best wishes, Chris

    Link to photo: http://chrislikestowalk.blogspot.ca/2014/10/chris-prayer.html

  2. Wishing a happy and healthy New Year to TYWKIWDBI readers! Morganna

  3. Happy New Year, Minnesota Stan and TYWKIWDBI readers! May we all fill the days of 2015 with laughter, love, and light. Kay S. in Florida

  4. Happy New Year to you, Minnesotastan, and all my fellow devotees of your blog.

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