06 January 2015

Little girl falls down on a patch of ice

Readers of TYWKIWDBI tend to be web-savvy, sophisticated, intelligent people who for the most part are probably tired of seeing "fail" videos in which people embarrass or hurt themselves.  Normally, a falling-down-on-the-ice video wouldn't be of any interest to you - but I think you should make an exception for this one. 

It's not LOL-level humor, but it will probably elicit a *chuckle*.


  1. You're right, it elicited a chuckle! Thanks, MS!

  2. a chuckle? ha! a guffaw, stifled and supressed, because it is the library.

    i love how she recovers from the slip, only to do a face plotz. kids at that age are top heavy.


  3. THUNK! Thank goodness for her pointy hat! But yeah, more of a sudden belly laugh ;)


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