28 January 2015

Every winter men give the finger to snowblowers

Since 2003, roughly 9,000 Americans have lost a finger (or two, or three) to a snowblower-related injury, according to estimates derived from Consumer Product Safety Commission data. Overall, about 15 percent of people who go to the E.R. as a result of a snowblower injury end up getting fingers amputated.
The year-to-year fluctuation in these numbers is probably related to the number of severe snow storms in the U.S.
Why are men losing their fingers? For the simple reason that they keep sticking their hands in snowblowers while they're still running.


  1. This graph must be connected to one showing the number of people reading user manuals before using the damn thing or to a one related to victim's IQ :)

  2. Never once have I felt the impulse to put my hand anywhere near the workings of my snowblower. Maybe it's because I'm a woman.


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