30 January 2015

Lifehack for the winter blizzard season

Found at Meanwhile, in the Sticks.

Addendum:  Before trying this, view the link in the comments.


  1. I think my kids would get annoyed with me, plus most of them are stubs now!! good to know though

  2. did you know... that you have a radio in your house that you can listen to even when the power is out? it is sitting in your driveway, or parked in front of your house - yes, it is your car, which has a radio in it.


  3. Wanted to leave this here for additional information: http://pinstrosity.blogspot.com/2013/08/emergency-crayon-candles.html

  4. Not to mention that lighting a crayon would be a great way to burn your house down. Keep some basic supplies in the house (I use dollar store tap lights -- they illuminate very well, can be placed on tables, and run on AA batteries, which are generally not wiped out on store shelves, like C's often are, when there's an upcoming emergency.

  5. I just tried it with my kids. Our Red-Orange Crayola crayon lasted 13 minutes. We "glued" ours to a plate with a wad of gum and kept a sopping wet rag right near the experiment. It burned very much like a candle and would work if you were desperate. In our case, 13 minutes was just the right amount of time for some fire safety chats.


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