24 January 2015

The "national costume" of Canada

I'll defer from commenting on the Miss Universe competition per se, but couldn't resist posting this photo of Miss Canada wearing her "national costume."

As a former manager of a collegiate hockey team, I was startled by the 20-14 "score" until I read that it is a representation of the year (the scoreboard is attached to her outfit, btw).

If you have nothing better to do, here is a full gallery of all the "national costumes."


  1. <redacted pun about where the costume seems to depict the "goal">

  2. Give credit where credit is due- she still rises above it!

  3. Now I'm embarrassed about being a Canadian.
    Correction -- slightly embarrassed. After reading about the guy stopped at the airport because of his flash cards, I'm quite happy to go with a Miss Universe competitor dressed like hockey game. At least we can giggle about that.

  4. I went and looked at the pictures.. And I've got to say that the Latin American "national costumes" just rocked...

  5. You should have stuck with Gordon Lightfoot ....
    still, it could have been worse: she could have posed with lacrosse sticks.
    Did you know lacrosse was Canada's national sport, not hockey, right up until the 1990s?

  6. I actually really enjoyed the ones that looked like legit local clothing/costumes. The made-up ones that were trying too hard or not at all...not so much.


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