20 January 2015

Escape from a moving car

A professional stuntman offers step-by-step instructions.  Some excerpts:
To get away with this in normal clothing, you’re probably looking at a maximum speed of 30 or 35mph.

It’s important to escape when the driver is taking a bend.

Everyone’s first instinct is to put their hands or legs down first. That’s the worst thing you can do: you will break something... The best point of impact is the back of the shoulder and your back.

You need to exit with your back facing the direction you’re travelling. 

Trying to land on your feet will likely result in your legs breaking, being whipped out from beneath you, causing you to hit your head.
More at the link.

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  1. Interesting. As teenagers my circle of friends used trains to get from Spokane to outlying areas, and knowing how to dismount a train was a carefully instructed technique.

    The max speed was around 15mph, and the trick was exactly the opposite of what he is recommending; throw yourself out from the train feet first at a 45 degree angle to the ground, and be ready to run as soon as you hit the gravel.

    If you tried to drop off in an upright position, or didn't hit the ground running full speed, you'd find yourself eating trestle. Sprained ankles were not uncommon.

    Of course, pavement is much more "roll friendly" than trestles.


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