10 May 2012

"Young America is... inovative"

Photo from a column at Salon about Occupy Wall Street imitators:
The Campaign for Young America is backed by Young Invincibles, an inside-the-Beltway organization backing the healthcare reform law and tied to a number of mainstream liberal groups. Fix Young America is a product of something called the Young Entrepreneur Council, which seeks to “help rebuild the economy” by unleashing an “entrepreneurial revolution in America.” The latter has a book of proposals out today with a vision to restore the American dream by teaching young people JavaScript; giving student loan forgiveness — if the students are “entrepreneurs who start businesses that create jobs” — and “teaching entrepreneurship to ALL young Americans, including at-risk youth.”
We don't always mock poor spelling, but sometimes we can't resist.


  1. Maybe that was innovative spelling.

  2. “entrepreneurial revolution in America.”

    Such a fail at undermining occupy. The very things that occupy are railing against: oligarchy, plutocracy, gross income inequality, and neglect of the social contract, do not foster entrepreneurship and innovation. Quite the opposite. People in countries with stronger social safety nets, can work on new businesses and ideas without fearing losing health insurance, college bills etc. etc.

    Norway is also full of entrepreneurs like Wiggo Dalmo. Rates of start-up creation here are among the highest in the developed world, and Norway has more entrepreneurs per capita than the United States, according to the latest report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a Boston-based research consortium. A 2010 study released by the U.S. Small Business Administration reported a similar result: Although America remains near the top of the world in terms of entrepreneurial aspirations -- that is, the percentage of people who want to start new things—in terms of actual start-up activity, our country has fallen behind not just Norway but also Canada, Denmark, and Switzerland.


    1. But that's impossible! Norway, Canada and Denmark are Socialist countries. If you don't believe me, as the Young Entrepreneur Council. (Put sarcasm icon here.)


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