04 May 2012

An "octopus and butterfly" brooch (1900)

Circa 1900. Brooch by Wilhelm Lucas von Cranach, entitled "Tintenfisch und Schmetterling" (Octopus and Butterfly).
This brooch, currently in the collection of the Jewellery Museum at Pforzheim, incorporates diamonds, enamel, rubies, amethysts, and a topaz. It is centered around a truly amazing set of baroque pearls (and notice that the "head" pearl actually has an "eye" - a tiny round pearl embedded in the matrix.) Shows influences of both Art Nouveau and Renaissance design. Image Courtesy of Art Nouveau Jewelry by Vivienne Becker, 1985.
Looks to me more like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Text and image from The Bejeweled Octopus, via BioArts and marinni's LiveJournal.


  1. Definitely the FSM, all dressed up for a ball!

  2. I knew it! Cthulhu is real!

  3. What's the bottom pearl supposed to be? I really think this may be the first representation of the FSM.

  4. what are the dimentions?


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