18 May 2012


The number 10,000 has a certain resonance for me, since I grew up in Minnesota, where the state slogan was "Land of 10,000 lakes."  Today it takes on a different significance, because this is the 10,000th post I've written for TYWKIWDBI.

This blog began a little over four years ago as an incidental activity; it has subsequently morphed into something more, but remains essentially one man's hobby (with the assistance of a websurfing spouse).  I fluctuate between enthusiasm and burnout, and especially in the summer months with the competing demands of outdoor activities the needle swings toward the latter.  I have the first out-of-town butterfly field trip coming up soon, plus logarithmically-increasing chores in the gardens and woods, and some other hobbies that need attention.  And family.

So, I'm going to take another "blog-cation."  Those who are desperate for TYWKIWDBI-type material should browse the "Archive" in the right sidebar by selecting a month before you first visited here, because the old posts are pretty much like the recent ones.  Or pick a "category" from that right sidebar, open it, and scroll back a few pages.  When I'm intoxicated, my favorites are the Video-music and Video-humor categories.

To celebrate this 10,000th post, I believe I'll take off for about... 10,000 minutes.

*Myriad (Ancient Greek: μύριος, μυριάδες (myrios, plural myriades), "numberless countless, infinite", is a classical Greek word for the number 10,000.

p.s. - I've closed the comments for this post.
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