02 May 2012

The Dunkley pramotor - a motorized pram !

In 1923, Dunkley made the decision which was to earn them immortality: to produce a motor pram. The heart of this was a unit called the Pramotor, which was basically a scooter with the front wheel missing.

The one-wheeled power pack could be fastened to the rear of any Dunkley pram: Nanny stood astride the rear wheel, controlling the outfit's hectic progress with twin handlebars bolted to the back of the pram. Power units were originally all 1 hp, horizontal, single-cylinder two-strokes, with bore and stroke dimensions of 2 in x 2 in.

There was only one gear (two-speed gearing appeared a year later), but there was a kick starter and a hand-controlled clutch. Prices ranged from 40 guineas for the Dunkley Model 20 Pramotor outfit, to 135 guineas for the Saloon Pramotor with 26 x 2+ in Palmer Cord motor tyres.

This odd little vehicle, which looked like a five-wheeled Easter Egg, had proper Ackermann steering, mud-guards and running boards, and cost only £24 less than a complete Austin Seven. Or, indeed, as much as a Model T Ford!
More at Unique Cars and Parts, via Miss Folly.

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