26 May 2012

"A Love Letter to Plywood"

Become an expert on the subject in seven minutes.  Impress your colleagues at work and your friends at cocktail parties.  But it will not help you pick up women.

Brought to you by the creator of the equally prosaic "How To Sweep."

I'm not a home "handyman" and haven't used a table saw since fifth grade shop class, so I'm curious about the phrase in the video "The table saw is a witch.  A witch will take your finger."  Is that rather oddly-phrased advice derived from the Hansel and Gretel story?
   "Let me feel your finger!" said the witch to Hansel every day to check if 
he was getting any fatter. Now, Gretel had brought her brother a chicken bone,
and when the witch went to touch his finger, Hansel held out the bone.


  1. in my country it is said that, if you loose a toe working the fields, a devil or a witch took it.

  2. Umm, I learned very little from that video...

  3. This guy (Tom Sachs) might be a candidate for the funny farm. Somebody better keep an eye on him. That said, I watched the sweeping video and might watch the others. Welcome back, by the way.

  4. I have been working with plywood for over 60 years and so learned nothing new from this video. That said, I found this to be a delightful primer on plywood in general and an introduction to the fundamentals of measuring and cutting it. I would show it to any beginning shop class in a New York minute.

  5. Depends what kind of woman you're looking for at the cocktail party... :)

  6. I saw it more as a play on words than an allusion.


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