04 May 2012

Russian silver trompe l'oeil

The silver basket was made in Moscow 1896-1908 according to the assayer marks of Ivan Lebedkin.  The maker is Girschi Gaselevich Lizerin.
 From a spectacular gallery of objects assembled at marinni's LiveJournal


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  2. Is there another definition of trompe l'oeil? I have seen it used to refer to paintings etc that give the ILLUSION of a third dimension. At the website where I found this (apparently solid silver) item, it and the others are crafted to give the illusion of something, but not the illusion of a third dimension.

    I think at the source the words were used in their literal sense "to deceive the eye" - in this case to make it look like a cloth is lying on a basket.

    1. When I saw the photo, I was so deluded by the silver object I thought maybe the tromp l'oeil you were talking about was in the background. It deceived me even though you said beforehand it was an illusion.

      I've said it in the comment above, but then I deleted it, because I thought it was rather silly. I don't want to loose your readers' time with my silly comments! I'm sorry if it was my observation that made you question your choice of words.

    2. On the contrary, it was your words that made me look up the phrase and realize how a solid object could be called tromp l'oeil. First time I've ever seen the phrase used that way.


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