18 December 2011

Coriolanus (2012) and 58 other trailers

Trailers for 59 movies due to be released next year have been posted in a thread at Reddit.  I didn't have time to look at many, but thought Coriolanus was worth an embed (it reminds me of Ian McKellen's 1995 portrayal of Richard III).

"The Woman in Black" might be good.  Please leave a note in the comments if you find other trailers you think are worth a peek.


  1. Super excited about Act of Valor just because of how it was filmed. Apparently it started out as a recruiting film using active duty SEALs that the Navy was going to use internally to get more guys for the SEALs and SWCCs. The directors then thought they had a pretty good movie on their hands and it sort of took off from there. Some interesting stories about the making of this movie floating around the web.

  2. Too many movies have been ruined for me by trailers. I don't watch them anymore. Thanks for the list of what's coming.

  3. Notice how little dialogue is in the trailer--little snips of three or four words, carefully chosen so as to avoid sounding Shakespearean. I wonder how many people are going to attend thinking it's a war movie, only to be flummoxed when the characters speak in Elizabethan English in iambic pentameter.

    --Swift Loris

  4. ... y hay más proxímamente pronto qué no estaba listado allá - por ejemplo:



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