15 December 2011

"Two Little Men"

Orchids photographed by Ana Retamero Olmos.  A winning entry in the GDT- European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 competition.
These two little pink men arm in arm are actually the flower heads of the Mediterranean orchid Orchis italica. The English name "naked man orchid" describes the shapes of the blossoms very well indeed. After I took some photographs of the whole plant, I kept going into more and more detail until I finally found these two blossoms. I placed them in the centre and tried to arrange the surrounding flowers in a way that would make them appear like mythical creatures flying around the pair.
From the photographer's blogOther winning entries in the competition.


  1. These orchids live on the hill behind my flat, and were the very first orchid I learned to identify in Portugal. Once you've had that blossom pointed out to you, they're impossible to misidentify. (Unlike so many others!)

  2. For goodness' sake, don't let Michelle Bachman see these! Anything that even remotely LOOKS like 2 naked men arm-in-arm would be enough to make her demand the US eradicate all such plants. Will no one think of the children?!


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