21 December 2011

Trailer for the upcoming Hobbit movie


  1. Hm, a few changes from the original, but as long as Peter Jackson refrains from any more Faramir-style character assassination I have no complaints.

    I'll be watching it anyway. Sir Ian McKellen's Gandalf is not to be missed.

  2. Interesting that it's keeping with the general tone of Jackson's LotR. Been rereading the Hobbit for first time since middle school and surprised how light it is.

    My only complaint is Bilbo looks a little svelte.

    Very excited.

  3. Interesting. It looks like they are going to cover the White Council meeting of 2941 T.A. And possibly also the assault on Sauron in his fortress at Dol Guldur.

    In the book those events are alluded to, but have little impact on the narrative. Essentially the dwarves and hobbit are told "Gandalf has important wizard business. You guys go on through Mirkwood and get beat up by giant spiders and wood elves without me."

  4. Promising.

    They did a remarkable job with Lord of the Rings. The only characters I found insufferable were Frodo and Samwise. Unfortunately they were rather central characters. It seemed they might start making out at any minute!
    I'm terrified of seeing Tintin, another childhood favorite of mine. There's so much room for making an obsene mockery of the subject.


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