21 December 2011

Perfect camouflage

This is a lined leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus lineatus) from Madagascar.  It looks for all the world like a model of a gecko carved from wood.  That's the camouflage it has evolved to survive in a bamboo forest.  Very cool.

Photo credit: David d'O, via Electric Orchids.


  1. Wow. Just... just WOW!

    Thx for another awesome year, Stan. Peace and all good things to you/yours. Have a good/safe holiday, and drive safely. Keep up the phenomenal work - Here's to an awe-inspiring 2012!

  2. Humorously, this looks more 'Created' to me...

    1. Of course it's created.

      It's a biological self-creation process through DNA manipulation through thousands of years.

      This is why there are so many different species of life, because every kind of them had different needs and targets in life. This is pure evolution.


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