17 December 2011

You can't afford this

And for reasons that have never been explained, Santa Claus only brings expensive gifts to rich people.


  1. Does the person who sanitizes the circle just prior to making it go down into the water come with the pool, or do you have to wait for your birthday to get the complete set?

  2. Hey, I expect I'll be able to afford one of those in my lifetime.

    I'll probably buy a house instead, though.

  3. @Mel V.
    Yeah - or healthcare for several states. I can't imagine how much something like this would cost, but I can't help thinking it's gotta be cheaper to build a conventional pool and pay someone's salary to clean and maintain it!

  4. This is amazing.

    I would love to have one of these - I'm imagining all sorts of scenarios in which it would be fun to have one of these.

    I could host a Play in the Round that takes place on the Titanic: very dramatic.

    Movies could be filmed with sea monsters coming up out of the deep.

    I could hire a string quartet, sit them on the circle, and instruct them to keep playing "NO MATTER WHAT". They'll look at each other and shrug, sign the contract, and then the fun will begin.

  5. I want to go to Elly V's parties.


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