15 December 2011


I happened to hear part of Dick Cheney's interview in which he criticized the Obama administration for not attacking Iran in an effort to destroy the drone which we had been using to spy on them.

Rachel Maddow notes that only one of the current Republican presidential candidates doesn't want to start another war.  I will concede that she is a spokesperson for the liberal left, but I cannot see the logic or justification of launching a military attack inside another country's borders as these people suggest. 


  1. that's consistent with my view of Ron Paul: A libertarian in conservative's clothing.

  2. For some time now it has appeared that we are looking for an excuse to attack Iran.

  3. I fear that in the absence of an "excuse" to attack Iran, our leaders will simply make something up -- as they did with Iraq.

    Do the "powers-that-be" not believe in blowback, or do they just believe it won't affect them?

  4. Anonymous,

    Why should the powers that be worry about blowback? Experience has proven that its only effect on them will be to increase their speaking fees (see: Cheney et al.).

  5. Gotta love 'ol Darth Cheney. We should bomb Iran because we crashed a spy drone there. We have become the evil corporate military empire and I hope we can reform ourselves back into a representative democracy.

  6. @BJN - "... I hope we can reform ourselves back ..."

    The Truth About Tytler offers some interesting thoughts on that transformation.


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