12 December 2011

Jumping on eggs without breaking them

There are some days when blogging about current events is such a bummer that I have to search for something - anything - to lighten up TYWKIWDBI. The video above is such a filler.

It is possibly the most ridiculous thing I have seen to come from British television (and that's saying a lot). Perhaps one of my older readers from across the pond can tell me whether this video clip is from an actual "news" program of the era, or perhaps from a comedy program?

Update:  More than three years have passed since I blogged this, but today a visitor left a comment partially explaining what we're seeing.  I watched the video again (still rather incredulously), and decided it was worth a repost.


  1. Hmm...I'm not sure. Mr. Bean is almost as ridiculous as this is. It's amazing Britainia once ruled the world.

  2. It's genuine up to a point.

    The radial 'NW' logo was from Nationwide, a national magazine programme from the 1970s which used to follow the evening news for an hour each week night. The segment was introduced by Sue Lawley, one of the BBC's first top-flight women presenters. I remember seeing this before. It looks like the OB team realised they had a total loony on their hands but thought it might be fun not to tell anyone back in the studio...

  3. I actually think he is doing something not easy here: He makes enough contact to crack, but not to break/smash them.


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