17 December 2011

Don't park near tall structures after an ice storm

Beneath a 1600' television tower in the aftermath of a 2007 ice storm in Oklahoma. 


  1. Better yet, don't live in Oklahoma. Period.

  2. "Gee, I think I'll just run out to my car and see if i can avoid these frozen bolts of death hurtling from the sky". Red jacket guy is a serious contender for a Darwin Award.

  3. Years ago I was reading remote electric meters in southern Indiana. One was at a transmitter tower. I was talking to the resident engineer and noticed chain link fence stretched horizontally over the cables that ran from the building to the tower and wondered if this was some sort of electromagnetic shielding. NO, but it was shielding, from the falling ice. The eng. said that he would sometimes see large sheets go sailing across the field when they broke off the tower. So, it's not just Oklahoma and not just freak ice storms that you see this.

  4. @Louisvillian

    Years ago I was driving to work with a co-worker. We were on the highway, behind an ice- and snow-covered semi, when suddenly a huge sheet of crusted snow/ice lifted from the roof of the trailer, soared into the air and smashed into our car. It shattered the windshield, punctured a hole the size of a softball in it, trashed the hood and roof and scared the living s**t out of us. Fortunately my friend was able to keep her car under control while braking (and unable to see a thing), and we weren't creamed by an oncoming or following car.


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