12 December 2011

"The Three Stooges" official trailer

This seems to be very well done (IF you like the Stooges...)


  1. The term "uncanny valley" is my reaction to this.
    It's -almost- dead on and all the creepier for it

  2. I laughed at this. I'm living proof of the saying, "You have to grow old, but you don't have to grow up."

  3. There are people who don't like the stooges?

  4. The Stooges were forbidden viewing growing up, which made me want to see them all the more.

    That the actors look so much like the original Stooges is incredible.

    The eight year old in me wants to see this film.

  5. Must see. Must see. My inner stooge is calling to me.

  6. "There are people who don't like the stooges?"

    Yes. I believe they're called "women".

  7. It is goofy, it is absurd and it is childish.

    I still want to see it, because it is refreshing to have a movie come out that is actually written to just be goofy, stupid fun.

    A lot of movies have come out recently that are tremendously goofy and stupid, this is true, but we were supposed to take them seriously, which is depressing...

  8. Wow. This looks actually well done. Someone poke me in the eyes.



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