15 December 2011

Just a two-headed albino snake

Each step in the little snake’s development has been watched by the world-wide media. Her birth on the weekend of Halloween, then all-important first meal (and subsequent digestion) during Thanksgiving week captured the imagination of the herpetological community worldwide.
Additional details and photos at the St. Augustine Politics Examiner.  Here's a video -


  1. I wonder if it will be able to eat with both heads? Does each head have its own esophagus? Im guessing if they do that they share a stomach? I saw the other one flicking its tongue. would be interesting to see if the other head works too.

  2. I was wondering the same thing... the left side seemed more sluggish...

  3. I was wondering if one head might ever get hungry for the other....

    "Get the hell off me! No, YOU get off ME!"


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