17 December 2011

The "ovarian lottery." Brooklyn, N.Y., 1947

I was one year old when this photo was taken, so that little kid in the window and I are contemporaries.  Our lives have been quite different.

Warren Buffett referred to that situation as the "ovarian lottery."  It's the single most important thing in your entire life.

Photo by Jack Lessinger, via First Time User.


  1. Except when we vote, we already know what number we drew.

  2. I wonder if the child in the photo is even still alive today, knowing what we do about the effects of poverty on longevity.

  3. im wondering what part of Brooklyn and what building is this im thinkin east NY

  4. @ Anonymous no 1. I know several people who grew up in much worse poverty here in the UK (which was much more common here than the USA) and are alive and well in their 70s and 80s. You average New Yorkers were much wealthier than the rest of the world

    1. Are you saying that poverty does not affect longevity?


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