10 December 2011

The correspondence of Edward Gorey

I blogged some illustrations yesterday from The Gashlycrumb Tinies.  Today I found a report in Salon discussing a new book about the correspondence between Gorey and an author with whom he was collaborating.

The covers are interesting.  Since they don't commemorate a philatelic event, I suppose they would be described as "illustrated" rather than "cacheted."  There are five more examples at the Salon link.


  1. I wonder if such mails would endure the regulations of present-day USPS. I had a bad experience last year trying to be creative. Read it here: USPS Clubs Baby Seals

  2. Ambuj, I believe you fell afoul of a computerized reading system, not a human per se.

    Virtually all mail goes through a reader that is programmed to locate and read the ZIP code - it's not set up to read or interpret "from" or "to." I'm almost certain the scanner interpreted the return address as the destination.

    You need to find a friend who lives southeast of you...


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