17 July 2012

Two contrasting French hairdos

"There is no hair more iconic, perhaps, than Marie Antoinette’s elaborately curled and beribboned wigs. Her daringly avant-garde style and her love of fashion took Versailles by storm, and the ladies of court were constantly trying to emulate the Queen’s frequently changing coiffure... One of the most well known trends of this period was for miniature models of war ships to be placed upon rolling waves of curls, in celebration of French Navy victories against the British."
"With the age of Revolution drawing to a close, in the Directoire period, came the most extraordinarily morbid new fashions; haircuts à la victime were all the rage for men and women - hair either closely and raggedly cropped, or cropped at the back with long curls in front, emulating the style given to those aristocrats unfortunate enough to go to the guillotine...

Dresses were in the style of underclothes, as this was how one met with Madame Guillotine - and a red ribbon was worn around the neck, grimly recalling the manner in which the aristocracy met its end."
Text and images via The Fiell Blog.


  1. I had to look these girls up, as the whole thing seemed just incredible.

    Some of haircuts look quite contemporary, see bottom picture here:


  2. Ok, I'll say it: everything old is new again. Like I said elsewhere, somethings never change. And every single generation is convinced it's being original. Every. Single. One. --A.

  3. Oh, I have a soft spot for costume history. I'd never heard much about this era, and I'm fascinated. Thanks to AM as well.

  4. What? Marge Simpson, who was invented, has nothing on Marie! That's real style for us!


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