26 July 2012

Some Brits dread the Olympics

Image by Smuzz, via Charlie's Diary and BoingBoing.


  1. I am an oppositor of the Olympics since ever, but I think an add sponsored by Dow Chemicals can hurt the opposition more than it can help.

    1. Paulo, I feel sure the "sponsored by Dow Chemicals" is completely fake also (if it were real, it would read "Dow Chemical Company.") I don't know why Dow was singled out to be made fun of, rather than Disney, Warner Brothers, Nike, and all the other corporations getting product placement at the event.

    2. I think it's because of their implication in the spill at Bhopal and what many people perceive as their failure to properly account for and compensate the deaths of thousands of Indians. I know from study that it is still a contentious issue and an event that continues to cause pain, anger and protest.In comparison to many of the other major companies involved for many people Dow's connection to the disaster at Bhopal makes them a particularly repugnant sponsor for the Olympic Games. That, alongside with many other problems many other people will no doubt have with the large chemical manufacturer.

  2. I, too, poo poo the olympic games. Too much money involved and I simply don't understand the segregation by flags. Is this nationalism or racism or ?
    Regarding this year's: I am still caught on the spooky '2012 reads "zion"' that Iran was complaining about in 2011. Sure, it could be a coincidence but what is the dot in the 2012 logo for?

  3. Hardhearted, grumpy libertarians hate the Olympics. Of course we hate all subsidies, but the Olympics is also the harbinger of massive surveillance systems, privacy intrusions, corruption, and general abuse of locals in the name of nationalist pride.

    Oh hey that reminds me, Vice is doing a series on the Olympics! Yay!



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