27 July 2012

It's a log

A 13-meter (40-foot) log was dug up in Cambodia.  Thousands of people have flocked to see it.  And...
"They believe the log has magical powers," he said, adding that visitors were coming loaded with offerings such as pig heads and boiled whole chickens after some locals who touched the wood won money in the lottery.
"At least one hundred people a day visit the log to ask for lottery numbers and to cure their illnesses," he said. "They believe in superstition."..

Hun Nov said some believers rubbed talcum powder onto the wood, hoping to see lucky lottery numbers, and others drank water from the pond and smeared nearby mud onto their bodies in a bid to cure their ailments


  1. From Reuters:

    "'What I think is, why does this log not rot, even though it stayed underground for over a hundred years? It is still in such good state, unlike some metals, which would have rusted if it stayed underground for that long. I have never seen such a well-preserved log before, so when I heard the news, a group of villagers and I came to see it straight away', he said."

    I was curious to know why the log was seen as extraordinary. This seems like one of those smug stories to make supposedly sophisticated westerners feel superior. Meanwhile huge numbers of us wear magical jewelry, pay good money for homeopathic (nothing but water) remedies, and think they have "systems" for playing the slots and lotteries.

  2. As us westerners divulge into homeopathic BS to aid our illnesses, weight problems and so on, the folks in the photo are thin and desirable by many of us morons who are too fat and lazy and want an instant remedy for it.

  3. Ha! These simple folk WILL live longer because at least in this superstition - they sweat a little and WALK to their healer. American's are getting fatter because they take their climate controled SUV with its automatic doors, transmission, etc out of their climate controled garage (with another automatic door), to a climate controled church complete with golf carts, Starbucks, elevators, and yes, climate control Har har har.

  4. Don't discount all that is homeopathic. India has finally drawn the line where once Big pharma was allowed to come in, take their recepies and refine them into prescriptions without a dime going to the plant's homeland.

    1. I don't follow your logic. Your statement basically says, "Because of recent changes to the law in India, pharmaceutical companies have a harder time of using formulas from [some unnamed source], doing some extra work to make them into a prescription drug, and then profiting without paying royalties to the [unnamed source]; therefore, you shouldn't discount all homeopathy."



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