21 July 2012

An "a-salt" weapon

It's real. Here's the Indiegogo link.  Via Reddit.


  1. And here comes the lawsuits from some stupid idiot who blasts salt in their eyeball. Or puts some other ammo in it.

    And then the outrage when some decides to see how their dog or cat reacts to getting shot with salt.

    Does this kill flys? Or does it just stun them?

    I still want one :-)

  2. That looks like way too much fun! I wonder how good your aim has to be.

  3. nowhere. near. food.
    +1 for stun. I've rat tailed flys out of the air that got up and flew away later.

    And China? I'd rather this have been carved wood with rubber bands by some American guy in his garage but that's just me I suppose.


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