31 July 2012

The making of "Fargo"

I wouldn't be a true Minnesotan if I didn't repost this documentary about the making of this movie.  You betcha.
The film earned seven Academy Award nominations, winning two for Best Original Screenplay for the Coens and Best Actress in a Leading Role for McDormand. It also won the BAFTA Award and the Award for Best Director for Joel Coen at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival.

In 2006 it was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" and inducted into the United States National Film Registry. It is currently the most recently made feature length film in the Registry."
Via Neatorama.


  1. I have a hard time saying what I thought of Fargo. I loved Marge and Minnesota nice - people are actually like that. The prostitutes looked just like girls who I went to high school with.

    The humor was incredible, but the violent scenes just stunned me. A lot of people won't mind the gore, but it blew me away. Wow.

  2. Fargo is a must see movie!

  3. I was working with two people from up Brainerd way when this film came out.
    They didn't like it.
    One of them also claimed that it was NOT a true story - maybe that's why they didn't like it.
    I don't care, I love this film.

    1. And of course it WASN'T a true story - as is explained in the video. I liked it, as I have liked most of the Coen brothers' work.


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