17 July 2012

A map of over 200,000 earthquakes

From the Smithsonian:
Data visualizer John Nelson, working for IDV Solutions, compiled historical earthquake records to produce this gorgeous, and informative, map... Nelson chose to make the dots, which each represent an earthquake with a magnitude of 4 or higher, brighter or dimmer depending on the size of the quake.
A total of 203,186 earthquakes, from 1898 through 2003.  At the Smithsonian, a second map correlates the pattern with the world's tectonic plates.

Original image source.


  1. Cool! Could you please reprint the link of that earthquake "sound map" you posted a ways back? It really brought home how big the Japan quake was...
    A Daily Reader

    1. Yes, I could.

      OR... you could look it up yourself, by typing "earthquake" in the blog search box in the right sidebar. It will give you 29 hits. It's the 10th link down.

      That's why the search box is there.

  2. I had tried that... just didn't see it ~ Sorry.


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