07 July 2012

Satan called...

He wants his weather back.

The last three days, with highs to 104, are in the top ten of  high temps recorded in this history of Madison.  This map shows the nationwide results for the month of June.
"...this image showing the number of places where daily maximum temperature records were broken in June. The data center says 2,284 records were broken and another 998 were tied."


  1. I seldom get to gloat about weather up here, but it's now mid-to-upper 70°s, ~40% humidity, and bright sunshine. Looks like it's going to stay that way for another week even. Dare I hope that we'll have a real summer this year?

    1. Your "about" page doesn't give a location. I assume you're living in the Pacific Northwest...

    2. Yes, western Washington. We had only half a summer last year, and no summer at all the year before that. Probably because we used up our temperature allotment in 2009 when we had an extra warm (for here anyway) summer.

  2. I'm not sure what you people are complaining about. Here in Northern California it's 75 and sunny with no humidity and you don't hear us whining (well, actually, it is a little chilly in the morning and I think I saw a mosquito a couple of weeks ago).

  3. Nice here on Kauai. You know, in the tropics.


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