15 July 2012

Dutch illusionist Hans Klok

You'll be tempted to hit the pause and rewind buttons during this video.


  1. At the risk of being that guy - that is a terrible 'magic' act.

    Go to 1:00, girl sits down on chair. Camera cuts at 1:11 and the girl is clearly no longer in the chair before the blanket is covering it.

    While some of the other bits look like actual magic tricks rather than camera tricks if you can't trust the magician to not resort to using camera cuts to make the tricks work, then for me at least it's no longer a magic act and just a guy poncing about on a stage.

    1. Camera tricks with a live audience and a 10 illusions in five minutes counter? Don't be that guy.

    2. "Camera tricks with a live audience"


      David Blaine has abused the camera cutting to improve his levitation trick. Basically he does a version of the levitation where he raises himself about 4 inches off the ground by going up on the toes of one foot.


      They then record another version where a crane lifts him up a couple of feet.

      And mix the audio of the 'on toes' version over it.

    3. Pause at 1:11, you can clearly see her right leg on his left after the camera cut. She is still there. You are that guy.

  2. It's not camera tricks. Hans Klok is one of the world's better magicians. A couple of years ago he spend a year in Vegas with Pam Anderson doing tricks like this. This little speed show was an attempt so those that a lot of magic is all about building tension, and that the tricks can be done a lot faster than people think.

  3. The secret to being a successful magician? VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME!


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