16 July 2012

Superhydrophobic coating on a toilet plunger

Apparently achieved by the application of nanotechnology:
This April 2010, NeverWet introduces their first product the Clean & Clear plunger. Imagine a plunger that never gets wet, never gets dirty and best of all virtually never lets any bacteria adhere to its surface. Nanotech coatings prevent water from ever touching a products surface thus making that product super hydrophobic, or easier said, super water repellent.
A comment thread at Reddit discusses the undefined risks of nanoparticles entering the water supply.  But it is a cool plunger.  Personally, I'd be more interested in a snow shovel that doesn't let a pound of wet snow stick to it after you toss a shovelful...


  1. Wow. I want that for my shower walls. Or the toilet itself. Or kitchen sink. No more cleaning!

    Assuming it doesn't give everyone cancer, of course.

  2. Now make condoms out of the same thing :)

  3. You want a condom that stays DRY during intercourse ??

  4. Great video - this could really have enormous potential. Might really prolong the lifespan of lots of our household products and eliminate disease. Only one bad point: http://www.e-techherald.com/?p=48 I was reading here that the raw materials for Superhydrophobic coating are going to prove quite expensive...

  5. Really love the idea of this, but reviews I'm finding from users consistently stating the plunger doesn't work. Say that although indeed no water or yuckiness sticks to the plungers, it's pointless to own as the product doesn't actually plunge anything when needed!


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