03 July 2012

Don't throw dead rats in the furnace in wartime

Exploding rats were a weapon developed by the British Special Operations Executive in World War II for use against Germany. Rat carcasses were filled with plastic explosives. The idea was that when what seemed to be a dead rat was discovered in the boiler room of a factory, the stoker tending the boiler would likely dispose of the unpleasant discovery by shoveling it into the furnace. The dummy rat would explode, causing significant damage. However, the first shipment of carcasses was intercepted by the Germans, and the plan was dropped. 
Via Criminal Wisdom.


  1. In the Movie "The Guns of Navarron" (sp?), the demolition expert uses something quite similar on said guns as a way to camouflage his real explosives. Except IIRC it didn't explode, it just let out a bit of smoke and a loud whistle, scaring, but not harming any of the Germans. Unlike his more serious attempt which blew them to h***.

  2. There is a python sketch in here somewhere:

    Excuse me sir..
    Yes Carstairs, what is it now?
    Sir, I think we have it this time.
    Have WHAT Carstairs?
    The Weapon Sir, the Ultimate Weapon...

    (Burst of dramatic music)

    Well man out with it. What is it.

    (With a flourish drops and evil-smelling furry something on the desk.)

    It's an exploding rat Sir!



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