06 October 2011

A "stick bomb" made with tongue depressors

It's not the biggest one ever made, but I'm impressed, because before encountering this at Reddit, I had never heard of a "stick bomb" before.  Apparently these have been demonstrated on America's Got Talent, but I've never seen that TV show.

Now if you want to MAKE one (or see how they work), watch this video:


  1. What a coincidence. I just finished showing my kids how to make these single celled stick bombs last week and they've had some fun with it. I didn't know you could weave them into a long chain. They are going to love this. Thanks for posting.

  2. Very cool! I read your post, and thought "no big deal.. I used to make stick bombs all the time as a kid"
    I was wrong... what i did was amateur- basic single 'popsicle stick hand grenades' to these amazing works of art.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! I've never seen or heard of stick bombs. Thanks, Stan. You always find the most amazing things.

  4. Too cool. Now I just have to figure out where it fits in the science curriculum so I can talk a teacher into doing this with their kids - just so I can watch! :)


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