12 October 2011

Here's what you've been missing on television

"Up the Stairs" is a Japanese game show that could equally well be entitled "Down the Stairs."  It's frankly painful to watch, but I have seen disclaimers indicating that the edges of the slime-covered staircase are crafted with a somewhat-shock-absorbent material to lessen cranial injuries.  While blogging about other cultures, I have to keep reminding myself not to be judgmental.

Via Neatorama.


  1. Ehhm, Stan... *American* Football?

  2. What, you' haven't seen Wipe-Out on ABC?

  3. How do I get that on cable?

    When you look at the guy in the bathing suit, he his the swimming pool wall really hard on his back which would have crippled him it had been a hard surface. Later you can see there isn't a mark on him. Also, the older woman turned out to be a younger man in drag. And frankly, some of the falls looked a little choreographed to me.

  4. Actually, I think that's hilarious. It's definitely staged and everyone is having fun, no? Very funny!


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