09 October 2011

"These grades are terrible!"

Addendum: A hat tip to swan pr, who noted this cartoon may have been "adapted"/"translated" from this one -
-by Emmanuel Chaunu.


  1. I shared this on G+ and was pointed to the original comic this was... "translated" from.

    Click here for the original work

    And click here to know more about the artist

  2. Thank you, swan pr. I've added your information to the post.

  3. Egg on my face! I got the wrong Chaunu. Here is the right one: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Chaunu

    I am so sorry.

  4. No problem. Fixed. I'm always delighted when visitors proofread and copyedit my posts.

  5. note that the parents in 1969 wouldn't have been baby boomers

  6. I am not quite sure I understand, is this a thing now?

    I was in grade school as little as six years ago and my parents always blamed me for bad grades

  7. happens all the time. I dislike when parents say "s/he USED to love Spanish LAST year" as though the only reason they hate Spanish this year is because of me.

  8. I get the point of this post. It's true that some kids give a poor effort in school, then their parents blame the teacher. That being said, I wonder how many people that agree with this, have been in a school in the last decade. I graduated high school in 2005, I moved twice during my high school years, so I have experience with three different high schools in different regions of the country. The teachers are not of the quality they once were. They do not teach, they read the book aloud, then assign class work and wonder in and out of the classroom (unable to assist students) They do not spend the class time teaching, they spend it talking to other teachers, reading a book, sometimes even watching a movie with headphones on. I would say 3 out of 10 teachers were like this during my high school years.
    Teachers are not as respected as they used to be, because some of them are not as respectable as they used to be.


    1. I am a teacher and i am so very tired of this kind of response, teachers are not like they used to be, because students no longer care. I do the best i can but most of the students i get to deal with are less than decent human beings. This year alone i have been called a F ***ing c*** 5 times, 1 of which was from a student today, all i asked was for him to put his phone away and join in the activity.

      I agree, that yes i wander in and out of the room, but usually its to get equipment because students no longer come to class with books or pens, or its to call the office to have a student removed after throwing a chair at me or another student.

      I'll ask one question, how can i teach, if there is no one in my class willing to learn???


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