13 October 2011

"Flaming Waterfall" cocktail

From GypsyNester, who offers this commentary:
Take tequila, Kahlua and coffee, add a flame and viola... magic! With skill, flair and daring our waiter / performer extraordinaire cascaded the blazing liquid from one silver salsera to another... After a bit of grandstanding, the fiery fluid was poured into cups with a bold double waterfall technique. Cinnamon is then added for a light show...

Then for a sensational finale, fresh cream -- hand whipped at our table no less -- was added before a burning cherry was lovingly placed atop the concoction... Delicious!

Considering the amount of booze involved, somewhere between a pint and a gallon, it's not very strong, just flavorful. The flames burn off most of the alcohol but leave the deliciousness behind...
Via Neatorama.


  1. All that's missing is the Col. Kwiki-mart cough syrup, and you'd have a Flaming Homer!

  2. Where's the viola?

  3. When you ask a Minnesota guy that, you get this for an answer -


  4. Last time I checked, coffee was meant to be hot... but not so hot that it's actually *on fire*.
    Looks like fun though!


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