19 October 2011

Harvest time

Some of you will remember a post I wrote in late summer showing our vegetable/herb garden out back.  This week temperatures have plunged, and a freeze or frost is predicted within days, so it's time to rescue what we can and put the gardens to sleep for the winter.

Shown above are some of the indeterminate tomato plants which provided us with lots of sweetness and vitamins and lycopenes through the late summer and fall, and eventually overtopped steel cages 7 feet tall.  The plant at the right center still had 35 tomatoes on it yesterday; the almost-ripe ones are now stored in bags.  The green ones will go to friends who like to fry them.

Some of the better herbs have come inside to live under a gro-light for a while longer.


  1. I envy your herbs. Here in Houston, our stretch of 100 degree days killed mine.

    I guess now that the end of October is here, it's safe to start up my fall garden.

  2. Fried green tomatoes ? Never heard of that here...
    I use mine to make "green tomatoes and lemon jam", and part of it goes to friends too !

  3. What about some pickles for the green tomatoes? The half ripe ones are also good; even better if you ask me.

  4. Adi, my dad used to make green tomato pickles and they were the highlight of our winter meals. Loved them! I can also recommend pickled string beans.

  5. Are you just showing off the fact that it rained in your state this year? Alright already, I'm jealous. ;-)

  6. Sarah, I used to live in TX, and still have many friends there. You all have my sympathies.


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