10 October 2011

Simon's cat in "Double Trouble"

Via Titam et le Sirop d'Erable.


  1. I sent the link for this to my sister, and she said she hurt herself laughing because it so accurately portrayed what had happened between the kitten she'd acquired a few years ago and her older cat. That included the kitten's foray into the contents of the litter box, which she characterized as playing "t*rd hockey."

    --Swift Loris

  2. Swift, I try to refrain from posting the endless stream of cat items I see on the 'net. But we have cats in our house, and I think the guy who draws these cartoons has a remarkably good eye for the subtleties of cat behavior. Not just the overall events, but the smallest motions and expressions.

  3. I agree, @ Minnesotastan. I don't have cats now, but have had many over the years (and I cat sit occasionally). Simon's Cat cartoons truly capture the essence of cat.


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