30 October 2011

"Klaatu barada uffda"

An interactive graphic of all UFO sightings reported in Minnesota since 1947.   The image above is a screencap - to read the reports, go to the source at MinnPost (to whom credit for the title of this post) and click on the dots.

This will probably be of interest to Minnesota residents only; the database does not appear to have been graphed for other states.


  1. I've got a question: is the highest concentration around a military base, near what seems to be Maplewood?

  2. Looks to me like the highest concentration clusters around Michele Bachmann's district...

  3. This is interesting but it also seems to more or less mirror a population density map, which in a way makes sense (more people, more sightings). What would be possibly more useful would be to compare population density data with the sightings density data to see if there were any spots that did not match each other. Now *that* would be informative!


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