05 October 2011

Family "stickmen" decals

Sociological Images had a blog post about the "stickmen" decals occasionally seen on family-owned cars; the focus of the post was on the stereotyping involved.  Even more interesting, to me, was the xkcd comic image depicting a car of a couple of "DINKs"* -
*(Dual Income No Kids)


  1. Dalek family decals are even better...

  2. I LOVE the DINK one... If only it were more true... (I worked on a similar design but never had the guts/ego to display it) How is it that the same folks that complain about immigration and population growth robbing us of our ecological and social resources are more then happy to add 3 to 5 more people to the 'problem'?

  3. Doesn't quite add up. I wouldn't be working two jobs if I didn't have so many kids to support.

  4. the intelligent must have children (or at least adopt) lest we begin the decline into an Idiocricy.

  5. The only sticker on the back of my car is a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  6. Joke's on you. The intelligent do not have to have children. Who told you such nonesense? Next thing you are going to tell me is that family planning is 'evil'.
    If we had the world's best education system available to everyone (and I mean all ages), then there would be no shortage of illuminated individuals.
    Or were you inferring something worse like certain lineages are doomed to stupidity and shouldn't breed?

  7. @ Cellina,
    If 'so many kidds' means more than two then the equation makes sense:
    Your excess causes you to take someone else's job and possibly depriving them of having two children of their own.
    I am all for people having "an aire and a spare" if they so choose. These two people will grow up to replace the two that had them.
    My concern is that until we figure out how to colonize another planet - this boat is all we rats have and someday even the most lush farmlands will not be able to support the starving billions of us who simply cannot stop reproducing.


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