06 October 2011

The demographics of race in the United States

The Guardian has an interactive map where you can pull down 2010 Census data on race in the United States.  Separate maps are available for White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American population proportions and their percentage change since the last census.  At The Guardian's map, you can click on a state to get specific numbers.


  1. Did something not work here, or am I blocked from seeing the content?

  2. I clicked and only got a zoom of the map, but no changes to data.

  3. Keith and Cathy, don't click my map (it's just a screencap of one of the Guardian maps) - go to the original source link (The Guardian) and click there.

    And thanks for the heads-up - I'll revise the text to clarify that.

  4. i don't think the census would be accurate as I am sure there have to be many unregistered hispanic citizens who did not participate in the census. And there is also a skewed result because of the incorrect selections of those ethnicities as well:


  5. When I saw this map the first thing I thought was: "I wonder how many people can name the purple state on this map without cheating?"
    I am a born and raised native to it and we are commonly mistaken to be part of Mexico. It was the only minority-majority state as long as I can remember. I checked out the other maps too and the stats are really interesting, some I didn't know.


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