31 October 2011

"Think fast !"

A driver survived having his car skewered by hundreds of steel bars in Taizhou, eastern China's Zhejiang Province. Yang Junsheng, 24, was driving at around 60km/h when he smashed into a truck carrying a full load of steel bars. At the moment of impact the bars shot backward, smashing through Yang's window screen. He says: "My mind was very clear at that second, and I immediately leaned down to the passenger seat...
Photo credit Quirky China News / Rex Features 

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  1. O_O This is why I always give loaded trucks a LOT of space. He's very fortunate to be alive.

    If he rear-ended a fully loaded truck and moved it far enough and fast enough for the tie-downs to fail and drop the steel into his windshield, why isn't the nose of the car crumpled? There must be a misunderstanding, mistranslation, or deliberately skewed report here.

  2. Could be that there were no tie downs on the truck. This occurred in China, where safety regulations may be nonexistent or unenforced.


  3. Too bad the driver didn't think fast enough to hit the breaks.

  4. Reminds me of "The Fourth Man." (I tried to find a clip on youtube and ended up in some VERY NSFW spaces. Sorry.)


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