02 October 2011

Shades of gray optical illusion

Which of these rhomboids is darker in color?  Top or bottom?  Are you sure?

Cover the area between the two gray areas with your finger.

This is similar to the "checkershadow" illusion (here, and with video here) (and sort of here).


  1. This is actually a poor optical illusion; I don't even see it! The checkerboard one gets every time though, as does the spiral green one.

  2. Further proof,your brain messes with your head.

  3. This illusion doesn't seem to work on me; the two rhomboids look precisely the same colour to me, without needing to cover the centre junction. I wonder why that would be? Most other illusions i've seen work very well! Including imaginary colour difference...

  4. ok the colors will be the same if the settings of the monitor are low... use more light in the settings...

  5. put your finger at the middle of the picture. cover the white one.


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