11 June 2020

A "Karen" verbally assaults an exercising Filipino woman

An elderly woman verbally assaults a person of color (Filipino per CNN) for exercising in a public park.

"Karen," BTW is a perjorative term for a female exhibiting unreasonably demanding behavior.  I don't have an explanatory link.  Someone may know the origin.  Hat tip to reader Tyler who found this well-done detailed history of the term.

??? is the audio muted?  It's essential to the content.  Let me know if you can hear it (or not).

Trying again.  I think I muted the original before copying the code because I couldn't stand listening to the old lady.  Incredible abuse.

Trying a third time.  Obviously I don't know how to do this:

Why is it so hard for Karen to mind her own business? from r/PublicFreakout
I give up. It's lunchtime. Go to this link instead (and unclick the mute if it's on)

AddendumCNN now has more details about the confrontation -
A woman was caught on video harassing a Filipino American woman as she exercised this week at a Southern California park, the latest in a string of racist incidents captured on video and widely shared on social media. 
"Get the f*** out of this world, get the f*** out of this state and go back to whatever f****** Asian country you belong in," the woman says in the video... 
"You're going to get your a** kicked by my family," the older woman says in the video. "This is not your place! This is not your home! We do not want you here.".. 
Officers have not positively identified the other woman but say they have an idea who she may be...  And we also had a second matter that was also brought up from October of last year, for an incident at the mall where it's believed that the same female struck a patron at the mall.".. 
"So, I was working out -- I like to jump on the stairs and just go side to side, so I was just doing that -- and all of a sudden I see her and she goes around another Asian lady doing Tai Chi and then walks down those stairs and then goes up my stairs and then comes back down and kind of like nudges me on my left shoulder, and that's when I said, 'Oh Jesus,'" Sherry said. 
"And then she went back up on to the stairs and started yelling at me," she said. "She was like, 'You don't own those f****** stairs, you b****.'"
Update:  The video finally made it to YouTube.  The one I've embedded at the top should have sound.

Addendum re "Karen" meme.  A lady with a sense of humor...


  1. Might be me, but I can't hear it....

  2. This article sums up the origins and extent of the Karen trend: https://www.vox.com/2020/2/5/21079162/karen-name-insult-meme-manager.

  3. Crazy lady, on her way to shout at cars.

  4. Gifs hosted on 'v.redd.it' have the audio separated from the video - I've only ever been able to hear the audio on a Reddit page, which knows to play the audio at the same time. It isn't your mistake!

  5. As something of a victim blamer, I usually check to see what led up to the incident to see if it adds more context. I found these two tweets, but they don't justify the abuse at all.

  6. As someone who has Karen on their birth certificate I really wish Karen was not used for these people.

  7. I heard the video on your first post about - no problem! I'm sorry I did of course - that viciousness! (course I wear black all day every day all year!:)

  8. Are white people native to America ?
    Caucasian means from the Caucasus, that's the area between the Caspian and Black seas.
    Should people who behave like that old woman be deported back to the Caucasus area ?
    And is that Ray Charles I hear, singing 'Georgia on my mind' ?

  9. Here's Tweet with sound. https://twitter.com/ABC7Veronica/status/1270924381024215041 From Boing Boing. https://boingboing.net/2020/06/11/racist-karen-screams-at-woman.html

  10. Wow, three different videos of her abusing three different people. You know she must have done it many other times without being caught on video. So, what is another white person to do if witnessing such abuse? First, I would walk up to Karen and ask if it's OK to yell in someone's face. If the answer is yes, then I would immediately start screeching in her face at the top of my lungs. Is that mature? Heck, no. But it might make her think twice about doing it again.

    1. She clearly was a well-known serial abuser in that neighborhood, which is why the girl tying her shoes knew to turn on her camera to document one of the encounters. I don't think the elderly lady would remember your remonstrations - even if you screamed at her. I would bet she has advanced dementia, and that what she needs is attention and counseling from a mental health professional.

      What the video does show is what persons of color have to endure with a frequency that we privileged whites don't appreciate.

  11. I'm getting sound from the first GIF at the top of the post. It started part way through the first play and has worked all the way through each time I go back to it.


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