28 June 2020

Valved masks are NOT appropriate for coronavirus

A valved mask decreases the work of breathing (on expiration) for those who labor in dusty environments, but the facilitated exit of expired air runs counter to the need to protect others during the pandemic.

Also worth noting that the "KN95" designation does NOT mean that this is an "N95" mask with optimal filtering.  The KN is a manufacturer's name for the product, designed to be deceptive to buyers.

1 comment:

  1. A valved (true N95) *IS* appropriate protection for the wearer against CV.

    It does not, however, protect society. You wear the N95 for yourself, and your wear the homemade mask to protect everyone else. I personally wear both if I am in the store, and only the homemade mask if I am in an isolated outdoor space.


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